Nemesis Night Ops® Camo on Light Grey .080" Officially Licensed

Size: 8x8
Sale price$10.95


Nemesis Night Ops® Camo on Light Grey .080" Officially Licensed


Nemesis Camouflage

Designed by the only former combat arms Airborne/75th Ranger/Special Forces soldier in the camouflage development space.  Nemesis was developed by an end-user for the tactical industry to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments. The patterns all have distinct roles but are designed to work together as a system to meet the needs of nearly any operating environment.


Measurements for Length and Width are nominal measurements.    Approx. size will be 7 7/8"x 7 7/8"

All images are infused into the top layer of the Kydex providing superior durabilty over laminated, painted or silk screening.

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