Prym1 Black Out® Camo on Light Grey .080" Officially Licensed

Size: 8x8
Sale price$10.95


Prym1 Black Out® Camo on Light Grey .080" Officially Licensed

As the name suggests, Prym1 Black Out® allows personnel to move through various terrain, effectively disrupting the human outline, whilst utilizing the depth of varying darker colors when amongst the shadows. Although Prym1 Black Out has been primarily designed for low-light operations suited to that of a wide range of tactical military/law enforcement applications (including SWAT & SFOs), the pattern can also be deployed for more individual SRTs and Urban CTSFOs [Counter Terrorism Specialist Firearm Officers) teams.

Measurements for Length and Width are nominal measurements.    Approx. size will be 7 7/8"x 7 7/8"

All images are infused into the top layer of the Kydex providing superior durability over laminated, painted or silk screening.

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